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The Avail Advantage

We Make It Easy For People To Benefit From Real Estate.

As a Contractor, Property Manager, and Investor We help people develop financial certainty and more time and money to pursue their passions.


Unfortunately, many people seek out a Property Manager or Joint Venture Partner after a major problem has happened.

I hear it in the news all the time. "I was so naive" or "I never imagined someone would do this"

When problems blind side us it can be extremely disruptive to our lives. 


I commend ambitious people for jumping in and taking action.

Thank you for seeking us out. Go Getter clients like you tend to appreciate the value we deliver even more because you have been in the trenches too!


You have the opportunity Right Now to SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and countless hours of your PRECIOUS TIME by reviewing the following information


"We know what we know,

we know that there are things we do not know,

and we know that there are things we don't know, we don't know"



Too many people learn the hard way that there is a lot of risk in that blind spot where things you "Don't Know That You Don't Know"  hide.  




It is my hope that by finding this web page you will realize that we all have a blind spot.



By acknowledging it you can better mitigate risk and seek the expertise, and resources that save you from the hardships many endure.


As a member of many real estate investment associations every month I sit next to people with 100's of properties. I have seen a lot of success in real estate and we have all heard the stories of trashed houses and squatters.



What I have learned, is that the people who say real estate investing doesn't work are the ones that started without any education and tried to fit real estate into their spare time.


At very least please arm yourself with information

Our SWOT Analysis can help you answer questions like:

  • Should I Rent Out My Home or Sell It?

  • How Much Should I Ask For Rent?

  • Is My House Safe as a Rental?

  • Will It Be Difficult To Find Tenants?

  • How much Can I Make By Investing In Real Estate?

  • Location, Location, Location. Is My House In A Good Location?


Limit your risk and reveal hidden opportunities to maximize your profit

Contact us Now to get Your

SWOT Analysis




There really are only 3 choices:

  1. Let your Tenants Teach you How to be a Landlord (this is painful and expensive)

  2. Do It Yourself (get an Education in Real Estate Investment, Property Management, and Contracting)

  3. Or make Real Estate Investment truly passive by partnering with Avail Properties.

    1. As an Investor,

      • We can churn your money for six-month cycles for funding flips and bridge financing.

      • Or offer you turn-key properties for long term hold

      • Rent To Own Investment opportunities


  1.  As a Contractor

    • Home maintenance and Repair Services

    • Rent Ready Renovations

    • Built To Rent Homes 


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