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Find out how You Too, can benefit from Real Estate Investment


Create Financial Certainty

Real estate investment can make you less dependent on your job, secure your retirement future, and lower your stress by diversifying your portfolio outside of stock market volatility.

Real estate has long been a favorite asset class of the wealthy and it can be yours too. The wealthiest 20% of North Americans are allocating 24-29% of their portfolios in hard assets, such as real estate. This type of investing has produced more millionaires than any other type of investment. Its exceptional wealth-building potential will add both diversity and financial security to your portfolio.





The Avail Advantage

We have an intense commitment to our joint Venture Partners so you can focus on managing your business or career and enjoy free time in pursuit of your passions. We free your time and maximize your financial freedom by building properties that fit our Tenant Profile and our Proven Canadian Real Estate Investment System.




Risk Management

Avail believes in providing financial certainty for you and your family. We do it using a proven investment system that has evolved over the last 20+ years. It is based on economic fundamentals and unbiased market research, allowing us to cut through the speculation and hype perpetuated by the media. We focus on the facts and identify long-term trends to reduce risk in all economic conditions. Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, or carried away. When bricks & mortar are purchased with reasonable care it is the safest investment in the world. Even if world financial markets crash, people still need homes.



Invest without Cash

The Smith Manoeuvre is a financial instrument that is regularly employed by thousands of Canadians. Put in very simple terms, you secure a loan against an asset that you own in order to make investments. The returns are used to pay down the loan and grow your savings. There are several advantages to using borrowed money for investments...


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